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The Therapy Closet Inc.,

is a Florida based, company that has been providing therapy services since 2000 in homes, private schools, daycare and learning centers throughout Jacksonville, Florida.

We offer convenient, on-site, "one-on-one" therapy services for patients of all ages. Our therapists serve families in Duval, St. Johns, and Clay counties. Whether in a private school, daycare , or in the home, our therapists come to you! We provide all materials necessary for testing and treatment. All we require is a small space to work!

Who We Serve

The Therapy Closet is currently serving several private schools with a variety of services in the Jacksonville, Florida area including the Duval County HeadStart program, Annunciation Catholic School, Hendricks Day School, New Beginnings Christian Academy, & Temple Christian Academy.  

We have worked with the Jacksonville Children's Commission, Early Learning Coalition, and Early Steps Program providing speech therapy to young children in day care & learning centers throughout the greater Jacksonville area. We always welcome new patients who prefer the privacy and convenience of being seen in their own home, daycare or school.

The Therapy Closet is a Medicaid provider including:

CMS PediCare 19 & 21,

First Coast Advantage

Sunshine State Health Plane toolbar.

We will work with your insurance company including TriCare Standard, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and others to assist in payment for services.

Our private pay prices are very affordable and are often less than most private insurance companies' co-payments!

What We Offer

Speech/Language Therapy

addresses any speech, language, and/or hearing concerns. Standardized screening tools and testing instruments allow for a comprehensive look at articulation, oral motor functioning, feeding & swallowing issues, expressive & receptive language, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, written expression, auditory processing skills, speech fluency, and problem solving skills.  

Occupational Therapy

considers fine motor skills necessary for handwriting, dressing and activities of daily living. This therapy also develops behavioral programs for children coping with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). Skills are addressed to maximize independent functioning within the patient's environment. Strategies are developed and taught for visual perceptual difficulties as well as relaxation and sensory integration techniques. Fine motor activities for the classroom including materials from the Handwriting Without Tears® Program may be utilized.

Speech/Language and Hearing Screenings

by fully licensed therapists are performed including hearing screenings using a calibrated portable audiometer given a quiet room. Routine screenings have been implemented in many private schools and centers that help identify children who may be in need of further evaluation or intervention. We offer low cost speech/language hearing screenings for children ages 2 -18 years. These screenings yield clear, concise, written results with recommendations that are available the same day of the screening. Results are sent home while a copy can be retained in the child's educational record.

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